Pascale Harvie

CEO , JustGiving / Blackbaud


Right from the beginning, my career has been focused on people and helping to tell their stories so they can seek the support they need; whether it's been as a social worker in Australia or leading JustGiving globally, every role I've had has been about people at its heart. I wholeheartedly believe the world is a better place when people come together to support one another, to lift others up and to bond over shared experiences.   Because of my career, I have seen the power of communities of likeminded people coming together to make change. Not too long ago, 'community' meant the people we knew. The people we lived and worked with. Thanks to the digital revolution of the last 30+ years "community" can now mean likeminded strangers from all four corners of the world coming together to do good. We see this in global movements for societal change to make the world a better, safer and more harmonious place for everyone. We're better when we're walking and working together towards one common aim for the benefit of strangers we will never meet, in places we may never go.  JustGiving is a place where hundreds of thousands of interconnected communities of families, friends, coworkers and strangers are doing good every day, to help others, through appeals and campaigns. My job is to keep the show on the road and lead a fabulous team of people from all walks of life to ensure those communities can find and support one another. Being able to end each day and know the work we've done has contributed to helping strangers to do good is an incredible privilege.