Guy Schanschieff

Founder , Bambino Mio


Since launching Bambino Mio in 1997, Guy has been on a mission to not only develop and grow the brand but the entire reusable nappy industry. To supercharge the brands growth, in 2021 Bambino Mio announced a £13m investment by BGF - the largest investment into a reusable nappy firm in the UK, demonstrating the potential of the sector and the scale of Bambino Mio's growth ambitions. In addition to overseeing Bambino Mio, Guy founded and is currently Chair of the Nappy Alliance. The Nappy Alliance brings together manufacturers and distributors of reusable nappies under one body to represent the industry. Guy is dedicated to educating parents about the financial, environmental and health benefits of reusable nappies and has helped to create an industry and product category which continues to grow in relevance and popularity all over the world. Over 25 years later, 100+ awards and distributing to over 50 countries; Bambino Mio is one of the most accessible reusable nappy brands in the world and is on a mission to make reusable nappies the first choice for parents.