Gerson Barnett

Founder and Executive Director , Right Thing Media


Gerson combines 20 years' in senior management commercial digital advertising positions at Telegraph Media Group, Future Plc, and CBS/Viacom Corporation with five years' social impact experience working in East Africa. Here he campaigned for "Trade not Aid" strategies and pioneered the sustainable, ethical fashion supply chain, partnering with global fashion brands and retailers including LVMH, Urban Outfitters, John Lewis, Sainsbury's and ASOS. As Executive Director of Right Thing Media, Gerson heads up a dynamic team with a diverse skillset who share his commitment to doing the Right Thing. Right Thing Media is a B Corp for-profit business that empowers brands, agencies and media partners to deliver on their corporate social and environmental responsibilities through media and advertising. Using our ESG platform, we source and deliver insights directing ad budgets to generate meaningful and tangible impacts.