Youth Against Carbon

Third City

Agency: Zurich UK

The climate emergency is the most pressing issue of our time. By and large, big corporates are not doing enough to help stem the damage being done to our planet. Zurich UK is not one of those corporates. Yet, in the minds of consumers, they were just another big name bunched in with competitors not doing enough in the fight against climate change.

Third City was brought on board to change that and align Zurich with sustainability 'in the mind of millions of people' while making a concrete, positive impact in taking the UK forward on climate.

The Youth Against Carbon campaign gave young people - who'll be most affected by the climate emergency - the opportunity to speak directly to those with the power to do something about it, while underlining the insurer's own carbon commitments.

The conference brought together a panel of the UK's most influential young climate activists, alongside the Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng.

The event was covered by BBC Online in a video that received 250,000+ views in 24 hours. Zurich's head of sustainability was also asked on to BBC News to outline why the company had taken such a strong stance on sustainability.

Post-campaign recall polling showed that 15% of UK adults - equivalent to 7.5m people - recognised the campaign, meaning it had emphatically delivered on its objective of positioning Zurich UK as a force for environmental good.