Write for Rights - Amnesty International and VICE

VICE Media Group

Agency: : Amnesty International

Amnesty International's 'Write For Rights' is the largest established human rights event in the world. It's about more than just awareness - it's about driving real action, writing letters to help support key human rights cases. But, this comes at a time where audiences have more causes than ever competing for their time and attention.

VICE partnered with Amnesty International to help. Turning our editorial expertise to 10 key cases, we did what VICE does best.

We started with deep dive research by our journalists into four of the cases, creating 30 articles across multiple languages, distributed using VICE's vast reach on social.

Then, we crafted a documentary film to connect viewers to the tragic case of Popi Qwabe and Bongeka Phungula: two young women who were murdered during a night out in Soweto, with the police refusing to fully investigate the case. Several people took to the comments to talk of their appreciation for highlighting what is seen as an underreported issue, many expressed their hurt at the outcome in Popi and Bongeka's case.

Finally, we ran a coordinated takeover on International Human Rights Day. We took the unprecedented step of fully taking over VICE's channels, across several key platforms, with a plea for action: 'Before you read today's news, help to change it'.

The dual-phase approach - awareness and action - led to unprecedented audience response, beating all metrics and ultimately resulting in tangible action including a commitment from South African police to investigate the murders.