What's your name?


Agency: Starbucks

This is the story of real people finding acceptance, perhaps for the very first time. A story of how Starbucks empathised and championed inclusion by simply letting people be themselves.

Over recent years, Starbucks has fallen out of touch with the UK public. At a time of socio-political turmoil, with the LGBT+ community experiencing the sharp end of division and hate crime attacks up 81%, Starbucks wanted to encourage public reassessment by re-igniting their progressive brand values, leading the change in an area that needed it most.

'What's your name?' is about the signature Starbucks act of writing your name on your cup; an everyday gesture many of us take for granted, but which can be a significant act of acceptance for transgender people on a journey of self-identity. Our research showed trans people actually use Starbucks as a safe place to try their chosen names.

Armed with this powerful truth and the significant role of recognition, the campaign embraced one of society's most marginalised groups. Stories of transgender people behind their chosen names were delicately brought to life, shining a light on the importance of recognition and inclusion. In partnership with transgender charity Mermaids, Starbucks were able to actively support the community through proceeds of a special edition Mermaids cookie, seeing a marked increase in use of the charity helpline.