What Happens In The Arctic, Doesn't Stay In The Arctic


Humanity stands on the edge of an iceberg – a melting iceberg – because what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic. With all eyes on COP26, our brief: how to give the Arctic a voice and bring the issues of the climate crisis in the Arctic to the global stage. Urgently, with a retina-burning image of reality.

Cue Franses, with an iceberg named Ni-keek, 100% meltwater and standout celebrity activity, that delivered incredible results and working to challenge an ever greater mission!

The iceberg campaign provided a stark reminder of the impact of the climate crisis engaging with a global audience and directly with the global leaders. She gave an ice cold foot in the door of denial – ensuring the facts could not be ignored or dismissed.

As a direct result of this campaign Arctic Basecamp is now not only one of the leaders in the climate sector but the campaign brought attention to the scope of the issues in the Arctic, sea temperature is increasing 2.3c annually and without immediate action this will only rise.

We hope this award will allow it to reach an even bigger audience, underlining the urgency of the crisis, and continuing to provoke those in power into action.