Vodafone #SwitchToGreen


Client: Vodafone Group

At Vodafone, we’ve been connecting people for decades.Progressing people’s lives is what we do. Today, an important part of that includes responding to the challenges affecting us all, so we’re

putting climate change up front and centre. From the energy we’re run on, to the way that our products are used, our #SwitchToGreen campaign is about adjusting the way we do business and the products that consumers already love, to normalise green switches in all areas of life. Together, our initiatives under the #SwitchToGreen campaign are already adding up to make a big difference. We’ve enabled millions of customers to switch their phone to low-energy mode and learn about the carbon footprint of tech use. We’ve run on 100% renewable energy since July 2021, and we’re rolling out facilities for people to recycle their phones at the end of their lives. We’ve captured media attention and put climate stories in the spotlight with the launch of our DreamLab app which powers research into extreme weather events. We’ve switched our advertising creative to put nature in the spotlight and tackled our media’s hidden emissions. We took a stand against the typical cold, blue, technology visuals of Mobile World Congress to create the most sustainable exhibition stand the event had ever seen. Next to real-time, measurable impact, these initiatives are here to kick-start wider change in industry and society, so that sustainability becomes the baseline from which we interact in this world.