Virgin Atlantic

This is the story of how, post the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully relaunched one of Britain's most storied brands, setting Virgin Atlantic up for a new era of travel with a purposeful brand platform rooted in reassessment.

By connecting the brand's iconoclastic spirit to a new cultural zeitgeist, where we are all looking at our lives through fresh eyes, we created ‘See the world differently’. A platform for creative thinking about Virgin Atlantic’s business, the wider world of travel, and the big issues facing people and the planet. This has led to a programme of purposeful activity throughout 2022; from a campaign championing the individuality of Virgin Atlantic’s people and customers, to allowing crew to proudly show off their ink, to pioneering an industry leading move away from gendered uniform options – showcased on the world’s most inclusive catwalk. The results have been significant, with increasing consumer perceptions of the brand being seen as ‘Inclusive’ and ‘Purposeful’, combined with a huge uptick in applications to work for Virgin Atlantic. By seeing the world differently, Virgin Atlantic has made a triumphant return to the skies as a different and more meaningful brand. Today, purpose is at the heart of how the brand operates, with ambitions to take on more of the big issues facing the world of travel.