Urgent Conversation Murmuration


Client: RSPB

The world is facing a biodiversity crisis. Worldwide, over one million species are threatened with extinction - putting world climate, food, air and water security at risk.

Ahead of the CBD COP15 UN conference on biodiversity, a coalition of nature charities led by RSPB asked 89up to create a public intervention to put pressure on the UK government to show leadership on the biodiversity crisis by attending the conference, and push for a global deal to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030. The UN climate conference COP27 was covered extensively in the media in November 2022, but very few people had heard of COP15, the UN Biodiversity Conference, taking place just one month later in Montreal. Our immediate focus was to raise awareness of the summit and to show politicians that the UK public were demanding action to protect biodiversity. In order to bring COP15 out of the shadow of COP27 in an extraordinary political news cycle, we needed to develop a fresh way for charities to talk to governments. We designed a fully integrated campaign across web, social and PR, using authentic voices as messengers, culminating in a spectacular public intervention on the eve of the summit to make our message impossible for the UK government to ignore.