‘Twas The Night Before Video Games

Electronic Arts

We are committed to ensuring that our players have a positive, fun, fair and safe play experience. And with a third of parents across the UK considering video gaming gifts for their children during the previous festive season (2021) we felt a responsibility to make them aware of a simple, yet effective way parents can promote a safe and positive gaming experience – getting to know (and setting up) parental controls.

However, while few things fill kids’ hearts with more joy than finding out Father Christmas heeded their cries for a new video games console, few things fill them with more sadness than watching their parents waste precious playing minutes by setting up parental controls to keep them safe online.

So this last festive period, as parents in the UK were considering gaming gifts for their kids, we partnered with safety online champion Internet Matters to create a campaign to get parents to act before Christmas Day to pre-set parental controls.

Our witty take on the challenge featured comedian and famous parent Katherine Ryan in a film designed to help parents do just that. So successful was it that independent research proved 55% of parents who saw it acted by switching on parental controls!