Tin Man

Vodafone. Virgin Atlantic. Amazon Alexa. Magnet Kitchens. Gumtree. Luton Airport. These are just some of the blue-chip brands that chose Tin Man in the last 12 months and just some of the brands who want our unique blend of purpose driven consumer comms.

2022 was our best year ever. We grew by 46%, doubled in size and still had 100% of staff feeling proud to work at Tin Man for the 3rd year running (staff survey 2023). Why? Because we’ve focused on the purpose driven work we excel at - from LGBTQ inclusivity to sustainability and from digital inclusion to the circular economy. We’ve also upskilled, innovated and celebrated the power of our predominantly female run agency. The double X chromosome (and our industry leading work) has attracted top female clients at major brands and ambitious staff looking for inspiring female leadership. And it’s reinforced our belief, that building emotional connections is at the heart of any successful business.