The Most Inclusive Airline in the Skies

Lucky Generals and Tin Man

Client: Virgin Atlantic

When the biggest non-binary star, Sam Smith, shares and duets with your content THREE TIMES organically, when you land 2,000+ pieces of global coverage in three days, and when you trend across all social media platforms - you know you’ve made an impact.

But when you genuinely make a difference to both the people who work for the business and its customers - that’s what makes a campaign truly special. To cement Virgin Atlantic’s position as a brand which ‘Sees the world differently’, we listened to its people, ripped up the (Vivienne Westwood designed) uniform rule book and rewrote its gender identity policy, offering Virgin Atlantic’s people the option to choose the uniform they identified with most. Then to top it all off, we introduced pronoun badges, gender neutral ticketing systems and inclusivity training for its people. Our policy change was announced to the world with the creative idea ‘Runway on a Runway’. An inclusive catwalk with a difference, Virgin Atlantic’s more fluid approach to uniform was debuted by LGBTQ+ ally Michelle Visage, influencers, alongside trans and non-binary pilots and crew. Bringing together a social film, with BTS content, punchy media relations and a sprinkling of Virgin Atlantic flair, we created a campaign that was purposeful, playful and premium - and the results speak for themselves.