The Iceland Food Club


Client: Iceland Foods

In order to battle the rising cost of living, and in response to evolving needs of its customers, a first-of-its-kind affordable credit solution - the Iceland Food Club - was created by Iceland Foods in partnership with charity-owned lender Fair for You. The program provides the distribution of innovative micro-loans of £25 - £100 to households across the UK that are struggling to make ends meet, helping these customers to purchase everyday items. Thanks to considerable investment from privately-owned Iceland Foods, these loans are uniquely interest-free and available across all UK stores and online.

The campaign delivered high engagement with low-income households: 83% of those benefitting self-identify as families with children, 64% as currently not working, 51% as single parents and 25%+ as disabled or dealing with a long-term health condition. Guided by the results of a meticulous pilot project, and driven by a robust PR strategy, the Food Club has been a lifeline for over 80,000 people, and support continues to be delivered with dignity, compassion and respect. Ketchum UK ultimately positioned Iceland Foods as a social innovator that is campaigning for change and delivering real world solutions to the current cost-of-living crisis.