The C Stands for Children


Client: Unicef UK

UNICEF is an agency of the United Nations responsible for providing humanitarian aid to children worldwide. Their
work is crucial to millions of children all across the world. However, when polled, people tend not to be clear about what they do or who they do it for.  

We needed to create clarity around UNICEF’s purpose with work that retold their story and reset people’s perception of what they do, with an approach that inverted expectations and stood out in a crowded market at a challenging time. Our strategy was threefold:

Educate audiences on UNICEF’s purpose by deconstructing our name and shining a light on what the ‘C’ really means. 

Motivate people to donate with a story that inverts negative expectations in the category and archaic tropes.

Build trust by highlighting both personal and macro impacts of the work UNICEF does through a combination of personal stories and life-changing results.

We created ‘The C Stands For Children’, a campaign which puts children where they should be, right at the heart of UNICEF.