The Aldi Hunger Monster

Burson Cohn & Wolfe

Agency: Aldi

It is madness to even think that people could go hungry in a developed country. But in 2020, UK child food poverty was drastically brought under the spotlight. As politicians largely failed to rectify the situation, the responsibility to help fell into the hands of vocal campaigners - the most prominent being Marcus Rashford.

One in five children in the UK still live in food poverty. For some time, Aldi has taken active steps to combat the issue of child food poverty and wanted to shine a light on the issue as it extended it partnership with charity donation network, Neighbourly, to make a pledge to donate 10million meals in 2021 to families across the country.

Aldi exposed the stark realities of children living with hunger by creating 'The Hunger Monster' an animation by celebrated children's illustrator Lisa Stickley and narrated by Rashford himself, personifying the concept of hunger, to bring to life it's devastating effects.

Underpinned by new insights that highlighted the worsening state of the problem, and integrated with an engaging earned media strategy, the Aldi Hunger Monster captured the hearts and minds of the nation. It was viewed over 1.88million times and secured x580 pieces of coverage, culminating in a reach of more than 1.5billion. More importantly, the campaign drove consumers to act, donating just shy of £34,000. This enabled Aldi to enact real change and start to make a dent in the UK's Hunger epidemic, donating 1,171,214 meals in the month after the campaign had launched.