TBWASouth Africa


For a long time, TBWASouth Africa has used its own resources, time and expertise to benefit society. 2020 saw us double down on paid and pro-bono fronts and reappraise what it really means to deliver on a purpose.

With MTN, Africa's largest telco, we turned mothers into influencers to persuade the youth of Africa to wear masks and look after others.

We also addressed the pandemic of gender-based violence in South Africa. In two separate campaigns, we addressed the normalisation and acceptance of violence by placing it in the hands of children, and then we dramatically showed that blaming rape victims for their own rape, does nothing but support rapists.

We found ways to move from purpose 'saying' to purpose 'doing' We pivoted our clients' marketing and leveraged their resources, time and expertise to put 550 000 pairs of school shoes on children's feet and provide 750 000 meals to people who were economically hit by the pandemic. These campaigns deliberately avoided looking like charity. They were tangible expressions of purpose that the client, their staff and all of their customers could be a part of.

We also became the primary communication partner of the Solidarity Fund. We created the brand, the digital infrastructure and multiple communications campaigns, which resulted in raising over USD200 million to address the urgent and wide-ranging needs of the pandemic.

We are proud of what we have achieved. Even if we don't win Agency of the Year, we feel like we already have.