Silent Slaughter


Agency: International Organization for Peace building and Social Justice

With the rise of ISIS, the Nigerian Middle Belt has seen a rise in religious violence over the last decade. More than 60,000 people have been killed. Nigeria asked for help, but no one was listening. The International organization for Peace building and Social Justice (PSJ) wanted to attract awareness around Christian persecution in Nigeria to create an international mobilisation to prevent what many feared would become a new genocide. In February 2020, JIN launched a 360 global campaign called "Silent Slaughter" to educate people in the US, the UK, France and the EU on the Nigerian confict. The action plan included a social media campaign, media relations, public affairs, and the building of a coalition with key opinion leaders. The campaign has been really impactful (77M impressions, 165 pieces of coverage in one year) which led to the designation by the US of Nigeria as a country of concern under International Religious Freedom Act of 1997.