Samsung Not a School


Agency: Samsung UK

In 2020, Samsung UK research found that only 1 in 10 young adults felt confident about their career prospects. 68% felt traditional education hadn't given them the right tools for future success. With a Global CSR commitment to empower a future generation of innovators through education, Samsung had a chance to support young people for the future.

Not a School brought the UK's 18-25-year-olds together online to learn in a new way. Not by teaching tech skills, but through unconventional experts - from Samsung UK, the British Red Cross, to Lady Leshurr and Jack Harries - sharing learned experience in free, live and pre-recorded sessions.

It inspired students to collaborate and solve social issues like climate change and online bullying via innovation, critical thinking and creativity, empowering them to feel more confident at a time of change and uncertainty about the future.

The experience was hosted on FutureLearn in two forms: four self-led courses allowing anyone to take part in their own time, and four full-time two-week courses with live and pre-recorded sessions for one-hundred selected 18-25-year-olds.

Over 17,000 students enrolled in Not a School in 2020, taking part in over 927 days' worth of online learning in just 4 months. Of those who experienced the 'live' course, 97% rated the experience 'excellent' or 'good' and 94% would recommend to a friend. Not only that, they also left feeling more confident solving problems (up 16%), collaborating (up 16%), networking (Up 22%) and prototyping their ideas (up 33%).