Saga - Best Proof of Authenticity

Headland Consultancy

In the UK, a peculiarly negative stereotype of ageing pervades. Despite the fact people over 50 represent 38% of the population, only 29% of TV adverts feature characters over this age. Just 12% are in lead roles. In an era where inclusivity is rightly high on the agenda, the marginalisation and misrepresentation of older people must stop.

Enter Saga, the specialist provider of travel, insurance and other services to people over 50. Driven by its Purpose to create exceptional experiences every day, and to be a driver of positive change in its markets and communities, in October 2021 Saga launched a major brand campaign to change the way we think about age. ‘Experience is Everything’ was born out of the insight that, on average, Saga customers feel 14 years younger than they actually are. They feel ‘experienced’ not ‘old’. Our through-the-line campaign combines TV advertising with earned, owned, and shared communications that playfully question what it means to be part of ‘Generation Experience’.

Beyond communications, Experience is Everything has acted as a north star to drive change within the business – and continue conversation outside it. Working with Saga’s Executive Team, we alighted on an emblematic new policy that shows the value of ‘experience’ in the workplace: paid grandparental leave.

To date, the campaign has driven significant cut through for Saga across earned and owned channels; it has provoked a national conversation about the role of grandparents; and it has galvanised colleagues at a time of challenge and change.