MullenLowe MENA

Agency: Mobily

More than 93% of kids play video games. And with the pandemic, children are spending more time in their rooms and, consequently, gaming. Uncoincidentally, reports of online sexual abuse are emerging with unprecedented frequency, with some perpetrators grooming hundreds and even thousands of victims. We needed to do something that helped fix the issue, but also made parents worldwide talk about it.

Now, if you put yourself in a predator�۪s shoes and imagine a 100-person Fortnite match, you can quickly come to the conclusion that one of the easiest ways to single out young, innocent, approachable players is by their voice.

With this in mind, we decided to make a small tweak in the usual gaming headsets and create a one-of-its-kind, innovative product, that modifies children's voices so they sound significantly older. By doing this, we can mask their ages/identities and stave off predators who are looking for potential victims.

The goal here was to raise awareness for the cause and make gaming safety a topic of debate amongst parents. And in just 15 days, the initiative gathered impressive results: 800M impressions, 10M USD in earned media, over 2,000 media clippings, and 900 cumulative TV broadcasts in the region and the world.