One Voice

Weber Shandwick Turkey

Client: Gilead Turkey

Breakthroughs in treatment over the years have made it possible for people with HIV to have healthy, long and happy lives, as long as they keep to a regimen of medication and regular checks. Although there has been a decline in HIV cases worldwide, Turkey still is one of the countries with the highest increase rate. Widespread stereotypes and misconceptions regarding HIV in Turkey cause individuals avoiding being tested, as a result, new cases cannot be detected, and the risk of transmission remains. For World AIDS Day in 2022, we built an awareness campaign called One Voice to increase HIV testing and social awareness with support of Gilead. We invited physicians, NGOs, journalists, and celebrities over the country to join and support the campaign. First, we composed a short, clear manifesto. Then we asked all project stakeholders to read the manifesto, record it as an audio file and send it us. We collected 293 audio files, used artificial intelligence to convert all the voices into a single voice and created a campaign video. The One Voice video, which was shown for the first time at the project launch, was also shared on the social media accounts of "Together We Are Stronger Than HIV" platform. Project stakeholders also reposted the project video on their social media accounts, contributing to the awareness and dissemination of One Voice. The high impact campaign totally reached almost 50 million people