No Time to Wait

Pancreatic Cancer UK

As coronavirus hospital admissions started to rise across the UK during the first wave, and we received intel that cancer treatment was being delayed by up to 2 months, we knew it would have a devastating impact on people with pancreatic cancer. With it being a cancer that kills so quickly - half of people diagnosed do not survive past 3 months - we responded at pace, launching our fully integrated campaign: 'No Time To Wait'. It told stories of people affected by treatment delays, highlighting the deadly consequences and showing the work we were doing to address the urgent health crisis. Gaining over 62,000 signatures, it garnered support from the general public and politicians, which we used to influence NHS decision makers - demanding that pancreatic cancer was prioritised in their restoration and recovery plans. Once supporters were on board, we used a range of tactics to explain the wider injustices around pancreatic cancer and asked for donations to transform the future for those well after the pandemic ends.

We changed the priority pancreatic cancer was given throughout the pandemic, with 89% of Cancer Alliances publishing their restoration and recovery plans that prioritised treatment of the disease. We were given a seat at the table at the NHS recovery taskforce having influence over healthcare provision decisions at a national level. Our messaging was seen over 11 million times and we raised an incredible £118,000, projecting the regular gifts people kindly set up to provide us with reliable income for years to come.