New Realities

3 Monkeys Zeno

Agency: Lenovo

New Realities is a 360-degree global short-film series created by Zeno for the Intelligent Devices Group at Lenovo. Shot using Lenovo Virtual Reality (VR) technology, viewers can have the opportunity to experience close-up the world of 10 extraordinary young women in 10 different countries. Each of these women are leading conversations around today's most critical issues, while using technology to drive positive change to address them. The central theme of the series is that these are stories and voices we don't normally hear - young women from diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Told in the first person, they invite us to see the world through their eyes. Together, the ten stories build into a picture of an entire generation, transcending borders and actively working for a better world. To launch New Realities and the campaign in October 2020, we built a fully immersive virtual gallery and hosted a worldwide movie premiere with a portal through which more than 400 attendees dialed into three simultaneous launch events across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Upon entering the gallery as a virtual avatar, they had an elevated and immersive experience, with opportunities to watch the 10 films; learn more about the research findings released in Lenovo's report; drop into live Q&As with directors, producers, Lenovo executives and the young women themselves; and participate in a session with Ava DuVernay - all moments which continued to shine a light on the need for empathy and empowerment.