Nestlé Nespray Maths Moment

Triple Eight

Agency: Nestlé Nespray

South Africa (SA) has high levels of poverty and inequality. It also ranks 180th out of 180 countries in the world in Maths ability. Maths and problem solving are critical skills for better paying jobs and opportunities, in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a more digital world. So, better maths and problem-solving education can help shift people out of poverty and reduce the severe income inequality in South Africa.

Triple Eight, together with Nestle Nespray and the SA Maths Foundation, set out to develop a long-term platform to help improve maths education and skills amongst children from middle and lower households. Our research showed that much of the problem related to parent�۪s inability to encourage and support children in maths at home. So we developed a world first, Nessie, a Whatsapp Mathbot using Artificial Intelligence. Nessie is an engaging, smart Bot, that helps empower parents to coach their children in maths at home. Using Whatsapp made our platform accessible, affordable and unintimidating to disadvantaged families. We used creatively designed questions to engage families in maths and problem-solving weekly.

The programme has been a massive success in terms of impact and business results.

7000 families opted in, 98% completed the programme. There was an average increase in math ability of 47%.

Average increase in math participation in class of 45%. 90.7% of parents reported that math importance in their household has grown from prior to the programme. Nespray sales and brand equity increased substantially through the programme.