Mobility Unlimited Challenge


Agency: Toyota Mobility Foundation

89up exists to create impact for good causes, and our work on the Mobility Unlimited Challenge is a clear example of our commitment to make a difference. We show that working with non-profits does not mean compromising on the agile strategy, persistent effort, and exceptional quality of our work, and the clear results we deliver to our clients.

89up was communications partner for this three-year Challenge, which saw 80 teams from 29 countries around the world enter. Five finalists were announced in early 2019, with the winner revealed in December 2020.

The campaign had global reach, engaging audiences across different channels with consistent messaging on a sensitive issue. There was a complicated story to tell, with crucial care taken over inclusive language and conceptualisation carrying through the whole campaign. At all stages of the campaign, we ensured the voices of people with disabilities were heard, with cast and crew coming from the disability community.

The campaign in 2020 marks the culmination of a three-year project, securing over 725 media hits in total across the world including CNN, the Economist and BBC News. Throughout the entire Challenge, we followed our original strategic direction, while remaining agile and pivoting in response to the pandemic. Lockdown meant moving planned live events online, but we still easily exceeded our KPIs and secured high-quality coverage.

Attitudes in the media towards disability have a long way to go before we become a fully inclusive society. We hope initiatives like the Mobility Unlimited Challenge will change attitudes.