Make Time

TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg

Agency: 1000 Women Trust

Make Time is a campaign for the women's organisation, 1000 Women 1 Voice.

This campaign addresses the normalisation and acceptance of gender-based violence in South Africa through the lens of a fictional children's doll (Cover Up Krissy).

The doll encourages girls to cover up abuse with make-up and shows abuse as the disregarded, everyday crime it has become. Contrasting the horror of accepting gender-based violence, with the innocence of girls playing with dolls, created a startling message and a wake-up call.

The aim of the campaign is to create awareness and drive parents to speak to their sons about the importance of both boundaries and consent.

To put the message into culture, we created an unboxing film recorded live on a popular radio station. The film directed parents to age-appropriate talking points on to give them practical help with what can be a difficult conversation. The campaign equipped millions of South African parents and resulted in widespread discourses on gender-based violence across multiple public platforms.

From an initial investment of R208 448 ($14 178) we received 16 million organic impressions and earned R12 million in media. This was a direct investment in changing the future for women in South Africa and an outcome that we believe we can be justifiably proud of.