Mainstreaming Nature Positive

MSQ Sustain

Client: Nature Positive Coalition

Nature needs its own ‘net zero’ moment. But how do you bring together a fragmented, disparate collection of NGO’s, scientists, academics and businesses, and get them to unite and collaborate around a single idea? Our brief was to do just this, and to mainstream the term 'Nature Positive' and make it as urgent, as compelling and as well-known as ‘net zero’.

Funded by a coalition of 32 leading NGOs, this campaign managed to put nature at the very heart of the world’s two biggest environmental conventions, COP27 and COP15. Literally at the centre of the Blue Zones. How? By creating a campaign idea that lifted everyone who came across it, by offering a vision of optimism, by saying ‘this is possible’ - we CAN change, and we CAN reverse the tragic decline in nature and biodiversity. The Nature Stripes, created by Professor Miles Richardson using data from the WWF / Living Planet Index, visualise this decline. From green to grey. A bleak picture. But a visually interesting one. Our idea? Deceptively simple, but by inverting the stripes, they no longer represent a metric of decline, but instead provide a lighthouse of optimism and an idea that the diverse and fragmented nature community could collaborate around. We CAN do this, we can achieve our own ‘Paris Moment’ for nature. Change IS possible. After all, ‘Change is in our Nature’.