Mail Force

Daily Mail - DMG Media

This paper tells the story of an incredible fundraising campaign by the Daily Mail, and its charity Mail Force. During a year in which so many charities struggled to raise funds, and so many of the less well-off bore a disproportionate burden of the crisis, the Daily Mail's campaign was an awe-inspiring achievement. Over £25 million in cash and equipment was raised in less than a year to buy PPE for health and care workers and to supply underprivileged children with computers at home.

The PPE shortage for health and care workers kickstarted the fundraising effort. The Daily Mail established its own charity, Mail Force to raise funds. Unbelievable generosity from Daily Mail readers raised £12 million for PPE equipment for those who were battling the pandemic on the front line.

The campaign didn't stop there. A shortage of computer equipment at home meant 1 in 5 underprivileged children were missing out on home schooling. Again, the Daily Mail and its readers stepped forward to raise money and equipment to help these children. At the time of writing, over £13 million has been raised to make sure those children don't miss out on learning and life opportunities.

Mail Force is the most successful newspaper appeal in history. Mail Force is now the fastest-growing charity in the UK and one of the country's top fundraisers. As the Prime Minister described, it is 'an extraordinary achievement' and record-breaking testament to the unfailing generosity of our readers.