Made by Dyslexia - Round Pegs, Square Holes

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Agency: Made by Dyslexia

10-20% of the population are dyslexic but at least 80% of pupils with dyslexia leave formal education in the UK without being diagnosed and 74% of teachers in the UK do not feel equipped to identify and teach pupils with dyslexia. Our brief was to create a behaviour change campaign, which would challenge outdated perceptions of dyslexia, reframe the unique skills and talents dyslexic children have and motivate educators and parents to complete a free two-hour dyslexia training program.

We created "Round pegs, square holes" a digital-first campaign that targeted parents and teachers in the UK and US and encouraged them to take Made by Dyslexia's free online training. Through short animations, we reframed the debate and demonstrated how dyslexic thinking is a currently under-nourished yet key component for the workplace of the future.