Livingness Live!

Creative Clinic

In what was Langdon’s biggest fundraising activation ever, ‘Livingness Live!’ was a crowd-funding campaign that raised over £1million in a focused 36-hour period. Built around the concept of ‘Livingness’, the campaign demonstrates how Langdon enables hundreds of young people and adults with learning disabilities and autism across the UK to live their best lives and be their very best selves.

The campaign began with establishing messages to help existing and potential donors better understand how Langdon achieves Livingness through supported living, education, employment support and social activities. Through sustained multi-channel activations across print, web, social and film, we introduced Livingness and navigated the critical need to fund Langdon’s services through voluntary donations.

The campaign culminated in a time-limited matched-giving online event that showcased a series of eight separate but visually connected live action and animated short films featuring Members. These evidenced the hugely positive impact Langdon has on hundreds of people every year and why the charity needs more funding to sustain and increase its vital operations.

Smashing its original target of £750,000 and raising a total of £1,040,000, the campaign was a success coming off the back of 18 months of pandemic which had severely and negatively impacted on the charity’s finances – all on a small budget in relative terms. ‘Livingness’ is now fully embedded across the organisation, forming part of Langdon’s core language and helping elevate the charity to a position where it has its own unique and distinctive way of talking about learning disabilities and autism.