LinkedIn Changemakers


Agency: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Changemakers is an always-on, force-for-good influencer programme in the UK, using the power of LinkedIn to drive positive change in the world of work. It aimed to challenge stigmas and outdated attitudes, by shining a spotlight on individuals with a genuine and personal need or desire to see a shift in workplace norms and attitudes around important topics. A collaborative manifesto underpins the campaign, seeking to elevate them and their causes, and drive paradigm shifts.

The campaign launched on social with promotion of an emotive video featuring seven Changemakers, plus individual videos telling each person's unique story. The campaign attracted attention from top tier media, celebrities, and world-renowned organisations, has grown Changemakers' influence on LinkedIn to within the top 0.09% of all UK members, and has driven statistically significant lifts in brand awareness (+9%pts) and perceptions around "trust" (+13-20%pts) amongst members less familiar with the brand