Life. Subtitled

XRAI Glass

XRAI Glass was created to connect people through technology. Powered by augmented reality, our app converts audio into visuals, allowing a pair of smart glasses to turn speech into subtitles, in real-time.

We give people tools to engage with the world in new ways and transcend labels or disabilities. We want everyone to be able to see through the noise and be themselves. With XRAI Glass, deaf and hard of hearing users can enjoy rich conversations with multiple people in the room, remotely, or nearby. We want to subtitle every little sigh, quiet murmur, and silly joke. Whether that means having a chat and continuing to make dinner, or the simple pleasure of going for a walk and keeping a conversation going without the need for sign language or face-to-face interaction. We enable people to enjoy performances, cinemas, and the theatre. However hard it is to hear the show, whatever language it’s in, whatever is happening in the background, XRAI Glass communicates clearly. All we do is built from our values to respect our users’ data, make our solutions as easy to use as possible, and to be deaf-led every step of the way.