Kindred – the pioneers of positive change

We’re an independent agency delivering positive change. Our objective for the last 12 months was to drive sustainable growth by reinforcing our position as the pioneers of positive change. We set out to prove that Kindred is the original, best, genuine article –we’ve focused on purpose-led campaigning for over 20 years. We did this through innovative campaigning, sticking our heads above the parapet with publishing EDI and pay gap data, pledging to go public with our health and wellbeing data and securing B Corp certification (becoming one of just seven UK agencies to achieve a score of 100+ in the assessment). From creating a 10ft planet made from the amount of food the average UK household wastes each year, to giving the Green Cross Code a revamp for the Electric Vehicle era, we’ve pushed boundaries with our campaigns to bring about positive change for people, society and the planet. These efforts have driven business growth. Fellow B Corps have become clients, global brands have sought us out to deliver their purpose ambitions and we’ve extended our public sector portfolio to include some of the highest-profile public behaviour change campaigns going. Average client spend is up, as is our pitch win rate, the number of high-fee clients and revenue-per-head. As a B Corp, our commitment to being 100% positive change will be regularly assessed to ensure we’re becoming ever-more equitable, sustainable, inclusive and regenerative as we continue to grow in 2024 and beyond.