ITV's Social Purpose: Shaping culture for good

As the UK’s largest commercial public service broadcaster, reaching millions of people every day, ITV has the opportunity to change minds and behaviours, using its creativity, content and channels to inspire positive change in the wider world. ITV is committed to going beyond the screen to make a positive impact on society.

This would be impossible without collaboration at every level across the business. Targets and initiatives are owned by the company as a whole, ensuring every employee is responsible for, and invested in, our Social Purpose and its impact. Our Social Purpose prioritises four focus areas. Better Health, Climate Action, Diversity and Inclusion and Giving Back. In 2022 we ran multiple campaigns and initiatives across these areas, each with ambitious goals. The 2022 results speak for themselves: 47 million actions to support mental or physical health; 1.8 million people took action to care for their mental health due to our ITV2 x CALM partnership; 2.7 million people making more effort to shop sustainably thanks to Love Island’s eBay partnership; ranking in the top 2% of global companies on our Climate Action approach; £80m Diversity Commissioning Fund launched; ​​£15.7 million raised for Soccer Aid for UNICEF. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. ITV demonstrates that its Social Purpose goes far beyond a few initiatives; it is embedded in how it operates across all departments, shaping culture for good for colleagues and, most importantly, for the British public.