In 2020 ITV put its social purpose campaigns front and centre of its marketing activity. With ambitious targets across all four of its social purpose focus areas, ITV put creative, innovative campaigns on air for better mental and physical health, diversity and inclusion, climate action, and giving back.

The strategy across the year was based on encouraging simple actions through disruptive, compelling campaigns, rooted in expert collaboration and proven with rigorous impact measurement. Mental health campaign Britain Get Talking got 6.4 million people reaching out to each other. Eat Them to Defeat Them sold 217 million portions of vegetables to get kids eating more healthily. Black Voices reached 29 million people, while 1.3 million were moved to consider their carbon footprint by the 'Shows We Never Want to Make' campaign. £12.9 million was raised for charity. On top of this, unplanned Covid-19 campaigns helped get viewers to want to stay at home and wash their hands. ITV delivered on their strategy, demonstrating unequivocally that they are 'More than TV.'