IKEA The Sustainable Everyday



To encourage IKEA customers to live more sustainable lives at home and achieve our goal of 70 million sustainable changes in the UK by the end of this year. That’s one change per UK individual, an ambitious target that would drive real change.


Change at scale required many personal prompts throughout the whole year. Environmental and behavioural data helped us identify the most impactful and achievable changes. Then we applied KNUFF theory (that’s behavioural nudges in Swedish) to make small, sustainable changes at home over the year.


Creative that made customers stop and think before buying furniture, extend the life of existing IKEA products, then nudged them to choose sustainable product alternatives. Our creative got customers dancing as they saved energy at home, and even took lower carbon holidays. And wove in data to provide motivating social proof KNUFFs (nudges)


Behavioural changes, 48m sustainable actions so far (on track to 70m). We improved IKEA Family engagement with sustainability: 65% engaging deeper into the changes they could make. Family perception of the brand’s Positive Impact increased 3.4% YOY. We made customers think twice and (only if they had to) buy more thoughtfully.