Iceland Feeds The Nation

Weber Shandwick

Agency: Iceland Foods Ltd.

As the UK went into COVID-19 lockdown, panic buying led to shortages - especially harsh on the elderly and vulnerable. Iceland Foods, rooted in the communities it serves, had to adjust quickly.

What resulted was a year-long campaign both to help the needy and be the voice of UK supermarkets: Iceland became the first retailer in March to go on air and speak to the public about stock levels; the first to support the elderly with their own dedicated shopping hour; the first to extend this to NHS workers and then to care workers; the first in September to prioritise deliveries for students; and first with support on a range of emerging issues, from Age Concern to a campaign to Save Our Zoos.

Alongside this, the team initiated a series of smaller, community-focused initiatives, from live-streamed 'cookalongs' to uplifting stories that drew attention to the invaluable efforts of our key workers.

During a difficult period, Iceland remained ultra-responsive to the shifting mood - and needs - of the nation and willingly took on a high-visibility leadership role for the industry. Results included 3,000+ pieces of coverage, 70 broadcast media appearances, 3.9mn engagements with consumers on social media and an uplift of 48% in engagement. The months of this purpose-focused stance also saw a 139% upswing in corporate reputation (YouGov BrandIndex).