He’s Coming Home

MHP Mischief

Client: Women’s Aid

The Women’s Aid insight that instances of violence in existing domestic abuse relationships rise during major sporting events is not new.

It’s a story that’s been heard before, and one that’s been told before - through numerous successful and impactful campaigns. But that doesn’t mean it’s a story we should stop telling. If anything, it’s crucial that Women’s Aid only continues to build on the momentum around this narrative, and use innovative means to propel it further, and into new territories. This is why this campaign should win. The creative execution ensured a known narrative was expressed in a new way. The media relations operation expertly repurposed data, successfully challenging media to revisit a topic they had ‘covered before’. The integrated channel strategy ensured that this wasn’t just a campaign that was seen but optimised to encourage action and support. Old insight; same ambitions, but new creative, integration and approach ensured new heights were reached. From LGBTQ+ rights to modern-day slavery and corruption – the Qatar World Cup had no shortage of unique, purpose-ripe talking points…and yet the most impactful, purpose-driven campaign came from a story you’ve heard before.