Help Protect The #Forgotten500K

mSix&Partners and The&Partnership

Client: Evusheld for the UK

For most of us, Covid-19 is a distant memory. With vaccines administered, we have returned to the humdrum of everyday life. However, for immunosuppressed patients and their families, the lockdown never ended. And after the UK government denied the NHS roll out of Evusheld - a preventative Covid-19 treatment - our shielders gave up hope of it ever ending. ​

We developed a campaign that would make this invisible group visible to those in power. Winning attention required one united voice across an eclectic and complex cohort of 16 charities, NHS clinicians, the Evusheld patient group and the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group). Finding a theme that fit the parameters and agendas of such a diverse group, required patience and diplomacy. After extensive negotiation, we arrived at the #Forgotten500k banner under which we were able to collaborate and pivot as one against a tumultuous political and media backdrop. We couldn’t focus on one decision-maker due to minister resignations, so we adapted our media and messaging within hours. We couldn’t afford to buy attention, so we negotiated space and time from media owners. We couldn’t hold a demonstration outside parliament, so we held a 'vigil' to give our shielders the visibility they deserved. ​ As a result of this collaborative effort we were able to give the #Forgotten500k a voice, ensure that that voice was heard by key decision-makers and ultimately influence AstraZeneca to make the treatment available privately, helping thousands of patients to get their lives back.​