Havas Media UK

At Havas, our guiding ambition is to make a meaningful difference to the brands, the business and the lives of the people we work with. We have a fundamental belief that doing good is good for business and delivering positive and meaningful social value, for our people, within our industry and for our clients is core to our philosophy.

Our strategy works from the inside out, putting employees first and customers second. While this might sound counter-intuitive for a service organisation, it is critically important. By putting our employees first, we create an enthusiastic and creative atmosphere that drives more effective work for our clients. We recognised the need to build employee engagement and create a culture of meaningfulness. We also needed to develop the systems, tools and processes to help put this meaningfulness into action. Finally, we recognised the importance of driving and delivering more meaningful work for our clients. And we orient these workstreams to make a meaningful difference around the areas of wellbeing, diversity and sustainability.

By adopting an inside out approach, we have been shown that doing good is good for business. Our commitment to delivering meaningful business outcomes for our clients in 2020 resulted in our highest ever client satisfaction scores of 7.88, beating the industry average.