Give A Little Love

The John Lewis Partnership

Our 2020 Christmas campaign “Give A Little Love” (GALL) set out to provide support to families in need that have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 in the UK.

The Christmas ad included two charities - Home-Start and FareShare - and urged viewers to make donations, with £3 million generated initially.

But due to a third lockdown, millions continued to face deep hardship. So in January 2021, we committed to another £2m, whilst continuing to drive donations among our Partners and customers.

GALL expanded further to create a series of other initiatives:

Local Community Investment

For every Waitrose and John Lewis store nationwide, we’ve given £3000 to support the needs of their communities, working with Home-Start and FareShare to provide food, heating, clothing, technology, data and mental-health volunteers

Give A Little Warmth

We have donated almost 5,000 items of clothing from our childrenswear, womenswear and menswear ranges to keep families in need warm and comfortable during the third and coldest lockdown.

Farm To Family

We’ve donated over 5 million units of farm food surplus, providing over a million meals for vulnerable families and ensuring nothing in our name was wasted. This initiative was the first time the industry has been galvanised at this scale to tackle food waste at farm level.

Give A Little Love to the NHS

We’ve donated thousands of care packages to doctors and nurses across 186 hospital trusts.

To date, GALL has generated £5 million for FareShare, Home-Start and other local charities supporting people most affected by Covid-19.