Get That New Shoes Feeling

TBWA South Africa

Agency: SPAR / BATA

In South Africa, many children brave harsh conditions to go to school without shoes. That's why SPAR, one of South Africa's largest and most trusted retailers, created an initiative to change this narrative, with BATA, a genuine leather school shoe brand.

For SPAR, purpose is more than a lofty concept or mantra; it is a core guiding light and inspiration for the brand to actively do things that will create significant impact within the communities that it serves.

With SPAR's enormous distribution network, strong links to their communities and resources, they were able to make affordable school shoes a reality for under-pressure families.

SPAR subsidised more than half a million pairs of foundation phase school shoes and made it possible for shoppers to acquire a pair for only £2 with every £25 spent, from October 2020 to January 2021.

This had an enormous impact on the community, and mobilised consumers to do their bit in giving back to those in need. The campaign enjoyed incredible reach and engagement and resulted in positive sentiment that rippled across our platforms.

This campaign also resulted in many stores running out of stock and an increase in sales, proving that it's possible to do good while doing good business. SPAR demonstrates the disruptive power of making purpose an integral part of doing business and making an impactful difference in peoples' lives.