Garnier Recycles 92 Tons of Waste in Saudi Arabia

L'Oreal Middle East

Largely considered the most urgent and impactful contemporary environmental crises by scientists and other experts, climate change is the most high-profile challenge facing the world today. For years, many public figures have sounded the alarm regarding growing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere, which could lead to a lingering increase in global temperatures for centuries to come.

In order to alleviate the detrimental implications of climate change, proper reform needs to take shape on an individual, corporate and governmental level. Recognizing this impeding issue, L’Oréal announced its commitment to protect the planet by fighting climate change, respecting biodiversity and preserving natural resources. Garnier, marks one of the leading brands in the Group who has been placing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions at the core of its business operations. More recently, the brand joined forces with Naqaa Sustainability Solutions, the leading business in Saudi Arabia that provides environmental sustainability solutions and green CSR initiatives to companies in KSA and developed a comprehensive plan to achieve its aim of recycling 92 tons of waste in the Kingdom in celebration of the 92nd Saudi National Day. The brand collaborated with key partners such as Panda, food retailer, Dar Al Hekma, University of Business Technology (UBT), and Hejaz Ploggers to deliver on-set of activations to achieve its goal.