Free To Switch

Shared Voice

Client: Hyperoptic

Free To Switch is an integrated campaign between Hyperoptic and Shared Voice designed to raise awareness among Government, the telecoms regulator, Ofcom, and the public about the industry-wide ‘unfair’ practice of above-inflation mid-contract price rises. Hyperoptic’s overall strategy is to differentiate from large broadband competitors by always doing the right thing by customers.

Every April, around 20 million households see their broadband bill increase during their contract, and they have no option to leave that contract despite the increase. The increase is hidden in contract small print, and research shows that 60% of broadband contract holders don’t know their price will rise. At a time of double-digit inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, consumers are facing price rises of up to 14%, mid-contract. In a multi-faceted campaign, Free to Switch has, through a research-informed and optimised creative content approach, directed 385k people to Ofcom’s complaints page. This drove Ofcom to open two investigations into whether broadband providers have been misleading their customers about mid-contract price rises. Lobbying of the ASA also spurred the Committee of Advertising Practice to open a consultation into the transparency of advertising of tariffs with mid-contract price rises. The campaign has also driven complaint emails to more than 550 MPs. Hyperoptic’s Free to Switch campaign created a national conversation and has driven regulatory and policy change that will protect millions of consumers, all with Hyperoptic at the heart of the story. By harnessing consumer pressure, the big providers are finally being held to account.