Felicity Plasticity

Headland Consultancy

Client: Milliways

Created in 2021, Milliways is an award-winning and best-selling plant-based, plastic-free and environment friendly chewing gum. Its Super Natural Gum is made from 100% plant-based and plastic-free ingredients, making it biodegradable, compostable, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, aspartame-free, sustainable, and incredibly delicious!

At Milliways, our aim is to create a bite-sized revolution with real world impact. All too often solving our planets’ problems feels overwhelming and beyond control so we want to make change easy and accessible for all. Approximately 374 billion pieces of gum are manufactured globally each year, leading to 560,000 tons of mostly non-biodegradable chewing gum being disposed of annually. Milliways is on a mission to change this by raising awareness of the fact that traditional chewing gum is made from single-use plastic and providing an environmentally-friendly alternative.