Fair Pensions For All

The 10 Group


Every year, millions of people are retiring into pensioner poverty. This problem has been hiding in plain sight, and over the past few years, NOW: Pensions has been on a mission to rally change within the industry.

After launching a breakthrough report in 2019 revealing that women receive a pension just a third of the average man's, 2020 presented an opportunity to explore the broader impact of current pension policy on different demographics. After discovering that certain 'under pensioned' groups are reaching retirement age with just 15% of the UK's average pension wealth, The 10 Group and NOW: Pensions' launched a fully integrated campaign raising awareness of these huge disparities and fighting for a fairer pensions system for all.

Working with the Pensions Policy Institute and NOW: Pensions, the campaign and first-of-its-kind report identified the seven groups who are being the most discriminated against by the current pensions system, including single mothers, the disabled and BAME groups among others.

The campaign, which proposed the removal of the £10,000 earnings threshold for automatic enrolment into a workplace pension scheme served as a rallying cry for policy change; presenting two policies to HM Revenue and the Minister for Pensions which if introduced, would generate an additional £1.2 billion in annual pension contributions and see an extra 2.5 million people access a pension. Through this highly impactful campaign, The 10 Group were able to help reach over 1.39 billion people to spread awareness of the pensions gaps millions are facing.