FCB Inferno

Client: Home Office

We all have a role to play in ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) – and whilst the general public’s understanding of this shared responsibility has never been higher, it often feels daunting to intervene when you witness an incident.

Sadly, it’s something many of us will have experienced; stood on the train platform, in a bar, in the gym, witnessing a woman being harassed, intimidated, or assaulted. We want to interrupt, to help, to end her suffering, but we lack the confidence to do so. We assume we need to directly intervene, potentially risking our own safety, or compounding the situation. Or perhaps we’re concerned we may have misjudged the incident, involving ourselves where we’re not wanted. This work seeks to lower the barrier to intervention by normalising and educating on the full range of actions a bystander can take – showing that any safe action is better than no action. Our assets went live in places where acts of VAWG commonly occur (bars, gyms, train stations), providing specific guidance on the intervention options open to anyone when they witness an incident. The power of this campaign lies in its contextual relevance, leveraging the power of the bystander in the right places, creating a society that stands in alliance with victims of VAWG. Crucially, it simultaneously states to perpetrators that we have all had ENOUGH of their behaviour and are prepared and confident to take action, in the long-term driving down incidents of abuse.