End Destructive Fishing

Greenhouse Communications

Client: Oceana

Supposedly protected marine habitats are being subjected to destructive trawling that tears up the seafloor, destroys marine biodiversity and accelerates the climate crisis. The UK public are outraged as the Marine ‘Protected’ Areas greenwash continues year on year, calling them nothing but ‘paper parks’.

On the 2nd of March 2023, Greenhouse Communications launched a bold campaign on behalf of Oceana, demanding that the UK Government ban destructive trawling in protected areas. The campaign involved a sand art stunt ‘Fishy Rishi’, featuring Prime Minister Rishi Sunak with a fish lodged in his mouth and a clear call to end destructive fishing, along with shocking new data on the scale of trawling and consumer polling. Altogether, the campaign generated 1,200 pieces of media coverage and garnered support from major influencers, raising public awareness and fuelling political advocacy.