'Donate your words' in partnership with Age UK and Manchester United


Agency: Cadbury

In 2019 Cadbury launched a powerful campaign to raise awareness of the crippling problem of loneliness amongst older people in the UK. We donated the words from our iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) bars, and encouraged the nation to donate their words too, by reaching out to the elderly, even if it was for a quick cuppa and a chat about the weather.

In 2020 we wanted to cement CDM as a national icon of generosity. We were already partnered with Age UK to fight loneliness, but now we needed to inspire more people to donate their words in a way that was truly 'fabric of the nation'.

We supercharged our 'Donate your words' message through an activation with the UK's most popular sport, football. We developed a one of a kind partnership with the world's largest football club, Manchester United. These two iconic British, and yet global organisations, came together to show how a small conversation can make a big difference.

Within 90 minutes over 27 million people around the world watched our Age UK mascots walk out onto the pitch, reaching 92.8% of the UK.